new xr650r - what is best price?

might be plunking down cash for a 650r tomorrow - if my dealer will sell at a really good price... what is the best price I can expect? he does not charge any setup or delivery, just straight price plus tax.

I paid 4599 about two years ago. Good choice on the bike. :)

I bought my 2003 back in October 2002. I don't remember the exact figure. I went through several dealers till I got the bike out the door for just a touch over $6,000.... I paid cash also.

I don't know what part of the USA you live, but $5500 OTD is a good price in AZ :).

I haven't checked for a while but you could get one last summer for $4398 OTD in Petersburg, WVA.

$6000 Wow :)

I paid $3999 OTD in Jan of '02 for a '01, the bikes are the same 00-03 so if you can get a year old one (new of course)you should be able to get them between $4000-$4500. Tell them to leave it in the crate and assemble it yourself if you have to, save that money and give it to Barnum for a new suspension.

Those prices are amazing. I guess this is what I get for living in the high rent district. I contacted all the local dealers (about 8) and 6G OTD was the best anyone could do. I was happy :)

Got my 2002 about this time last year for 5.3 large OTD from a dealer in Poway. Whatever deal you can finagel on this scoot, it is the best Bang For The Buck going! :)

thanks for the info, everybody. going back tomorrow, we'll see what happens... he did not have one in stock last time. I know if I see one I'm gonna want it!!!

if you have cash (real green) then you should be able to get it out the door for no more than $5,600. Really, don't pay anymore. take the box if they will sell it like this to save their assembly fee... Nice trick is to make the deal in 10-15 minutes total. tell them this and then walk out with the green in your hand. simple, money talks bull walks... tell the salesman/woman that if he gets you that price you will tip him $20-40 bucks cash for him...

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