changing pilot & starter jets

I am a mechanical person but the thought of removing and disassembleing the carb on my new WR450 scares me alittle :). I am hoping with your input and the manual we can make make changing the PJ and starter jet a lot less painful. any shortcuts would be helpful but I want to do this right and not 1/2 assed :D:D.

Thanks to anyone that can help, you guys have been GREAT! :D

Thanks again, Smoke

I was in the same boat. Make sure your take the carb off. You can take the sub frame off as suggested, or just disconnect the hotstart, fuel line etc.. and push the rubber boot over with a rubber malet or other object. Get read to get gas on your pants, hands etc.. Turn the carb over. The plate on the bottom needs to come off to get to the jets. Now this is the most important part, the first time you unscrew the phillips on the plate you need to tap the screw driver smartly to unseat them. You can use and impact driver if you have one. Then it all looks like the manual. Pretty simple. Tip one take off the carb. Tip two unseat the screws. Just a suggestion but while you have the carb off I would put on the Zip Ty fuel screw. I had to take the carb off again to put in mine. Good luck an I'm sure you will get alot more help. You can search the archives for a more detailed instructions. :)

you dont have to take the carb. off to change jets....just take out the hot start plunger, loosen up the boot screws,

turn the carb to the right, take out the float bowl screws, and your there. simple. if i can do it... you can do it. :)

I recommend first timers take the carb completely off. It only takes 10 extra minutes and you can get full access to clean the carb while you got it out. :)

Hey Indy whats up!

Is it that hard to take carb off? Should I remove sub frame? Will I have to re-adjust Throttle, hot start cables ect... I have never removed carb from any bike, never mind disassebleing it. Very nervous just thinking about it :D. Don't want to screw anything up :D:)

No it only takes a few minutes. Take the tank off. Take the the trottle cables off the carb (unbolt electrical capacitor to get access and unbolt the side of the carb). Loosen boots on both ends of the carb. Disconnect the plug for the trottle sensor(leave sensor & cap on the carb!). Use the end of a mallet to pry the intake boot away from carb in the gap between the frame and the boot expansion. slide carb out of engine boot and now you have easy access to disconnect the hot start. Now you have the carb out. Drain the gas out of the carb with the drain bolt and use an impact on a bench vise (unclamped just seems to sit nicely on the edges of the vise) with a rag to support the carb. The screw heads are soft and will strip easily. I recommend changing them to socket head bolts if you are going to do them on the bike like some of the members on this forum. :)


You do not have to adjust the hot start when you reinsert it. The only adjustent you make is when you put the throttle cables back in you have to set up some loose play.

That is it, Very easy and necessary. You will need to rejet at least 3 times a year. Depending on your riding season.


if your have some mechanical aptitude you'll have no problem.go to the page in your manual that tells you how to remove the carb and disconnect everything in the same order it it once and you'll see how easy it really is. there's just a bunch of stuff attached to these modern carbs.cheers

Thanks men! you are truely an inspiration and I feel a whole lot better about the task at hand. :)

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