price on used bike?

I have been looking for a used 06-08 450. What is a good price on a really clean one within this range? I look for the bikes that have been hardly used with stock tires and almost no wear on the clutch cover. What should I pay?

When I bought my second '06, it was a year + old, but had only been ridden twice (and looked it). I paid $3200 and thought it was a good deal. Clean '06's should start below $3K these days. Bear in mind dealers are selling holdover '08's for $4500 or less, so I can't see a used one being worth more than $4K unless it's loaded with big buck extras.

grayracer513 is right. I've seen them used with very little hours on them, all stock, going for around $2500-4000 bucks. Also, since dealers have extra 08's still in stock, keep in mind that you can always haggle with them on their price, seeing that the 2010 should be in on September 8th :ride:

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