Maybe selling. Help with price please.

I have a 2001 YZ426 with about 10-15hrs on it. It's stock with a Baja Designs light kit with their 180 wt stator, BMP insert spark arrestor and Oneil handle bars. I live in California and it is green stickered until 2003. I do more dunes then sand and a friend wants to buy it and I need to know what would be a fair price. The valves have been adjusted(by the dealer) and the oil has been changed more then it needed to be. So if anyone has an idea of what I can get for it I would appreciate it.

Nice to see you did'nt disappear, I'm still waiting for a reply on that 12oz. bolt on flywheel weight & flywheel puller. Its been a long 2hrs. till the post office opens :). WHATS UP!!! :D ~Hit-man~

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