WR street legal in NC

Can someone explain how they tagged their WR in NC. All I have is the certificate of origin. I think I saw where I have to take it to another friendly state and then re-register in NC. Thanks

I'd go check out the regional forums... probably be more help there.

In VA, I simply went to a rural DMV and asked for a plate. Put a dual sport kit on it, got insurance and had it inspected down at Bubbas garage. For you it is probably the same. You can ask Yanni (posts a lot in the DS forum) as he is a NCer.

No NC is really tough, I've read some horror threads... that one guy seems to be the only one with the knowledge to do it.

In MI you just have a cop (any old cop) inspect the bike... I have just a plate holder on mine. :ride:

Guys have had to jump though hoops in VA too. I think a lot has to do with how the problem is approached. In the back woods areas, everybody is easier going. Not uncommon to see a 12 year old kid drive a huge farm tractor down town (past the one light i the county) to go to Micky D's. That same kid in Richmond would be doing time.

My WR came form TN. I took the title to the DMV and walked out with a tag, no problems.

Did you take your Certificate of Origin to the DMV? It's in bold letters "off highway us only". Thanks

Do some searching, apparently there is a guy in NC that knows the loopsholes of the state. I have heard from freinds that live in NC thats it is 'nearly impossible' but someone around here knows how to.

I was reffering to it being very easy to do in Michigan, they are very lax here on two wheeler registrations.

My neighbor was the original owner; he got the initial NC title. He said it was simple. Sorry I can't give you any more information.

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