90 km commute. Too far for WR 450?

done long trips on mine, its a pain in the butt, literally and the extra maintenance ,

i only do it as transport between dirt sections say maximum100 k in length , its too light, it revs too much, your just wearing it out for nothing. , get a 650 or bigger and enjoy your commute

.For that length every day id use my gs 1200.

Thanks Racegun. This kinda seems like the general consensus. It can do it, but is not really made for it. I have been thinking of the light aspect of the bike as well since there are alot of rigs on the road. I think the smart choice given my distance of travel is to either get a 650 of some flavour or get a closer job. I think the odds are on the 650.

I went riding with the fellow last night, and man can he make that machine dance. It is impressive to watch it go. As for me, me and my 79 TS 250 got introduced to a mud puddle. I am off to clean my clothes and helmet :busted:

Thanks again for all the help.

Go ahead and buy it for commuting 50 miles each way every day

Then you can write how much it sucks as a streetbike like everyone else does

If you dont understand after all that has been written by this point you wont until you buy one and find out for yourself

point taken

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