2010 yzf450 VIDEO!!

I hear ya but in my opinion with bike prices reaching this level and I suspect they will even be higher the next few years, and what I see in rider/racer attendence (30-45% off)/much lower sponsership dollars/ cost of racing higher etc...at every AMA sanctioned race I spectate at these days (since last summer) I think the rising cost of the sport as a whole will indicatively kill MX Racing for the amature racer as we all have known it. Put the economy where it is at and it does not take a rocket scientist or a Economics 101 expert to see where this is all going....and it does not look good for the sport of MX.

Yea it is going to take a lot more money to be competitive and at this price the average Joe will be forced out of MX altogether.

Sorry technology sure is great ain't it?

I don't they so in this case

and this is almost exactly what killed 4stroke MX racing the first time :busted:

Two things to keep in mind.

1- In the amateur classes you don't need the latest, greatest bike. It's very satisfying to beat riders on new bikes with your old iron. Even if it costs you a position or two, so what your just doing it for fun anyway. If you want you can use your old bike as an excuse for not winning, even though thats rarely the case.

2- The majority of MX bikes sold in the U.S. never get raced.

You guys are too much.

Guys that live around Glen Helen might want to be around the track on Tuesday...

I'm just sayin...

So is it gonna be 12AM Japan time?

So is it gonna be 12AM Japan time?

thats what i wanna know too, i dont mind staying up all night if it means to get a first glimpse at the new 450 beast.

The cats out of the bag, check Cyclenews.com

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