Model Identification Using VIN

Can someone please help me identify my wr450, I need to know if it is a 2007 or a 2008. I have tried two VIN decoders without success the VIN is JYACJ13W000000734, this is the number on its papers and physically on the bike, any other way to distinguish them?

Did you try looking on the frame/behind the forks, there should be a stick telling what year it was made, then add a year for the model year so if it says 2006 then it's an '07. I hope this helps.

P.S. The sticker is most likely on the frame where the handle bars attach, right under neath, and you may need to turn the wheel to see the sticker.

The VIN should be on the rider's ride-hand side of the steering head on a decal, it could be stamped under the decal, I didn't check. The 10th alpha/numeric character is the model year. These characters run J through Y for 1988 through 2000 and then switch to a numbers system. Suspiciously, the 10th character in your VIN appears as a 0, clearly not a correct option. The 0 could be an 8 that is worn, faded, torn, etc.

Here is an sample of a valid VIN for a 2008 Yamaha WR450F, with the 10th alpha numeric character underlined and the last three characters altered because I'm cautious JYACJ13Y58A000632.

As BajaFool stated, maybe the 8 was worn by a cable or something. Presumably it's a 2008. Maybe the digit stamp is embedded with debris?

Thank you for all the responses. No this is a brand new bike, 830km, and the number is clearly legible and yes from what I have red the 10th character should have been 8 for an 08. This bike is in South Africa, don't know if it matter. Any obvious visual differences between 07 and 08?

If the Engine cases are grey, its an 07


If the engine cases are black, its an 08


99.9% positive this is the case worldwide.



If you can't resolve the VIN issue, I would go back to the dealer and have them sort out what would appear to be a mis-identified motorcycle. Leaving it unresolved can only lead to a problem down the road when you try to sell the bike. If all of the folks on this forum who have responded to your inquiry and others of the same type over time, instantly go on the Internet to VIN translator websites and tell you that your VIN is in error, you can be sure that the future buyer of your used motorcycle will be as smart as we are.

Are you familiar with the sayings of "Murphy" in South Africa? His most famous saying is,"What can go wrong, will go wrong". Words to live by.

Thanks all for the input, my cases are black so looks like an 08, BajaFool noted your comment, will contact my Yamaha dealer.


I tried VIN decoders when buying my used '07, none could identify it, went to the Yamaha local dealer and from their database they could confirm it's '07 european model but could not say year of manufacture which by daft regulations here is important when plating a bike, I called the main Yamaha dealer-importer and they were able to check the bike was produced in November 06 and is '07 euro model, also they told me so called competition bikes might not appear in VIN readers because of their purpose (not really meant to be registered/plated)

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