Old 426

First off I'll start by saying the bike is not running and I've raced the poop out of it, I think the issues are carb related. I've never really messed with this bike much, I just rode it till it died. but what my question is when I kick it over it feels like compression is blowing out of a hole on the right side of the head, is this normal and I never noticed it before or what. it still has good compression and the decompressor seems to be working correctly. so I don't really know whats going on.

Is it the little hole that drains the spark plug hole? If so check to make sure the spark plug is tight.

wow good call, I feel like a idiot.

back when I worked on my own bikes 4-strokes weren't really big, when I got sponsored Honda did all the work. Always was a yamaha guy though, guess I've got alot to learn

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