yz426 and yz450 motor parts

i am looking at a 426 but its going to need and complete top and bottom end rebuild what would i need to make it a 450

You can buy a 444cc big bore kit for the 426. That's only 5cc smaller than the real thing. However, you should think about something:

A complete rebuild back to stock can cost as much as $1500-2000 just for parts and sublet labor. 2006 YZ450's are all over the place for under $3K these days.

i would be doing it my self and how makes a big bore kit

You're going to grind your own valve seats?

Luke's Racing makes good quality kits at a good price.

My price estimate still holds. At the end of spending ll that time and money, you'll have a YZ426 that will be heavier, slower, not handle as well, and have inferior suspension compared with something you could have just gone out and bought. Think about it

i have the motor in my quad so it doesnt matter. but i saw something on there website about when u send ur old cylinder back they give you 300 bucks if its in stock

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