Hatfield~McCoy trip in WV is going to be the Bomb!

I wanted to throw out that a buddie and I are taking a trip down to the Hatfield~McCoy trails in West Virginia. They say that these trails are supposed to be the best areas to ride on the East Coast. They have hundreds and hundreds of miles of multi difficulty trails. From ATV trails to Single MX trails. We are going to be staying in a town called "MAN", apparently it's only 1 mile from the trailhead called "Browning Fork trails / ROCKHEAD trail head" This series of trails has around 110 miles of action. I'm sure that 100 miles is nothing for you BAJA guys out on Cali, but on the other side of the states this is the bomb! We plan on taking a 4 day trip down and back, it's about an 8 hour drive from Maryland.

Apparently the people in the towns around this area really like the MX guys and the ATV'ers down there. (One of the fiew areas I guess that the haven't been corrupted yet :)

Anyways, in these towns they allow the bikes and Atv's to ride on the road and park in town. Which allows us to grab a bite to eat and then hits the trails again.

I'll do a trip followup, and post a link to some pics after the trip. Me and "the Grimmer" are heading down on the 17th - 20th of April, at $50.00 bucks a night for a place to stay with a garage to lock up our stuff at night no one can beat that.

Fore more info check out http://www.trailsheaven.com/

Later Guys I better get going, I have to go out and warm up my bike, the trip is in two weeks. :D

I wanted to ask for some advice from those who have been to Hatfield ~ McCoy. My BRP will need some new rubber on the back end. I am hoping to get a tire prior to the trip. I hear that Hatfield ~ McCoy is rocky. Any suggestions on tires for this area? I heard from Stonewall that a new BRP costs $4398 OTD in Petersburg, WVA. Heck maybe I'll just buy a new bike when the tire wears out. :)

Hey Grimmer

I ride WVA rocks all the time and nothing works better in this area than a Pirelli MT16. It works well on everything and wears like iron. Spoon on a 4.50-18 and you won't be disappointed. They can get a little pricey though. If your bike is street legal you need to explore the rest of WVA as well. You can ride for hundreds of miles in the Mononghelia Natl. Forest and never ride the same place twice. I rode 140 miles on Thurs. and about half of it was nasty, rocky, singletrack. I just ride out of my yard and into the woods. The BRP rules. :)

Grimmer, You better order up your new rubber soon so it can arrive it time. Have you desided to install it yourself or are you going to the local bike dealer and have them "over charge" you like they did me? :)

Sounds like we need to hook up with "Stonewall" for some riding out in his neck of the woods. That way next time, we don't have to drive the 8 hours down to the southern tip of WestVA for a new riding excursion. :D

Stonewall what part of the VA are you in? Has anyone else out there been to the Hatfield~McCoy trails. If so what is your favorite trailhead?

I like the look of those tires. Pirelli rates them as MX all terrain tires. They seem pretty close to MT21's as far as basic knob design. I see you have a Eline kit. Did you get your tags? Are the MT16's DOT legal?

jstevens, I am in Highland County,VA. It is 500 sq. miles with a population of less than 2500 people. Absolutely nothing here but the riding is good. I have stayed in Waldorf a time or two when I was racing at Budd's Creek.

If you get out this way let me know and we'll go riding. :)


The MT16 is quite a bit more agressive than the MT21 and hooks up much, much better. It can get a little skatey on pavement though but it sure is fun to back it into the turns. :D

I do have my tags and the MT16 is not DOT legal. A little work with a dremel tool makes any tire street legal. A quick hit with the dremel and NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE suddenly disappears. :)

Very good..... Order me up one MT16 and one dremel. Do you run a Pirelli front tire?

I run a Pirelli MT16 or MT18 on the front. Both of those are DOT approved. I do have a set of Maxxis IT's to try out when this set of Pirelli's is gone. The BRP eats em up so quick that I'm looking for something that works well and is CHEAP. :D

I have tried almost everything else over the years though and nothing hooks up and wears like the MT16. Give em a try. :)

Dude!!! It must be a small world, My mom just bought a place out there for her second home. It's in Highland county, on one of those mountains. Since it's a small town I'm sure you may even know where it's located.

Only problem is me and the Grimmer haven't had a chance to get out there yet because the renter is still in the house. (for the next few months or so).. Wish I can kick him out and go ride now!! :D

Actually from what my mom says the guy is the town Mortitian

and actually a nice guy, as long as there aren't any dead bodies lying around the place lolol.

Sounds good we all need to hook up and ride some time for sure. :D

If the weather holds we will down in MAN Friday 18th & Sat 19th. on the Rockhouse trail, if you can make it out swing on by. Once we book the place to stay we will let you know. :)

WOW It is a small world. I'm sure I will know where her place is. It must belong to Mr. Obaugh if it is the mortician. He is a very nice guy.

Lots of people from your area have places here. It is a definite change of pace. I am at least an hour from the nearest McDonalds,WalMart,Interstate, or even motorcycle dealer for that matter. One more good reason to ride XR's. I rarely need parts. :)

We will have to hook up for a ride for sure. I won't be able to make it on the 18th and 19th but we will do it again. Let me know what type of ride you want to go on and I will plan out an all day trip. I can find just about any type of terrain you are looking for from mild to wild. :D

:) That sounds great. Count me in on the action.

How far of a drive is it for you to Hatfield McCoy? I know how long it takes to get to your town, so this will give me a rough idea of how long it will be to HM.


Last night I found out that that is the guy's name when I talked to my mom. (small world)

Anyways... The Grimmer and I live in the same neck of the woods over here. The Grimmer has to finish building a Deck this summer. And I have to figure out what I'm going to do with a 2001 Ski Boat that's now just sitting around from lack of use. (I guess I need to sell it or something) I don't have time to boat now that I'm riding the bike alot.

If you want to PM me your phone number and I'll give you a call one week. My mom always stays at the local Bed & Breakfest INN (don't know the name) I'd imagine Grimmer and I can find a local place in town to stay and then we can meet someware and go riding for the day.


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