spark plug !!

ok i know where it's at but how the hell do you get it out? :)

tank off, 16mm wobbly plug spanner, hey presto.. (bag of band aid's for the cuts on your hands after getting the plug cap free :-)

Yep, I had the same problem. I couldn't get the cap and coil off the darn thing. Could someone tell me how to get the coil and plug cap off to get the plug out?? I tried and wiggled but was unable to get it off?? Frame kept getting in the way. :D :D :):D

I just yanked it out and wriggled the plug out with the provided tool.

Wait till you have to change the oil. That's fun.

Straight yank of the ignition coil up and bend the rubber extension as you scrape by the frame. I use a deep socket wrench with a universal to loosen and tighten a plug. I use the Yamaha tool for hand threading and loosening only. Hand tight plus a quater turn is how I tighten it, difficult to use a torque wrench and you do not want to overtighten. :)

Wait till you have to change the oil.

Oil chage took me the whole weekend with all those drain plugs & filter. :)

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