Bark busters on the 01426

Hey All,

Is there a trick to getting bark busters on the 01 426? On the throttle side there is a plastic piece (actual throttle mechanism) that goes clear to the end of the bar and there is only a small hole in the end. Do I have to cut it so the bar-end insert can fit into the bar? Have any of you done this?

I appreciate any advice,


Yes, you must cut it out to fit your guards on. Make sure to cut just enough so it does not rub on the end or your throttle will stick. ~Hit-man~

Yes, you have to cut out the end piece. I used a graduated drill bit, that made it very easy.




I used my radial arm saw and just zipped the end off. Had to cut the clutch lever just a bit too. Luckily my brake lever is bent just slightly so it cleared fine. Yes, I did move them in on the bar as far as I could first.

Thanks again ;-)


I took a hax saw and cut the tube just where it begins to wrap over the bar end. It makes a clean cut and you don't have to take the tube off. Make sure the grip is cut back far enough so it won't stick on the bark buster.

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