Stripped drain plug Fail...

Anyone near Fresno have a Timesert kit they'd be willing to "rent?" Specifically of the 12 x 1.5 variety... I too have a stripped drain plug, and Clawson wants $89 to install the insert. I'm trying to do it for less if possible.

I have a 426 that had the same problem. I looked at using a time sert, but time sert drill bit would not work. It was too tall and would have drilled out part of the side case.

Something you should know about the time sert or Heli coil is it will partially block oil flow from the sump unless you drill a hole in the side of it:

Hey I live in Fresno, I never done one but I'm mechanic incline do most of my work myself so pm if you still need help

Hey sorry about not responding, I had some "tests" to complete at work, and got caught up there. Anyway I got a machine shop to do the Timesert install for me at a good price, and didn't have to buy the kit after all. This should be a permanent fix, so I think I'm good, but seriously, thanks for the offer.

Ron over at Dave Hiatt Machine Shop in Clovis took care of me. Nice guy and easy to work with. He's in the yellow pages under automotive machine shop. Better deal than buying the kit, unless you anticipate doing this often, and better than Clawson was wanting...

Cool glad you got it fix

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