01' 426, play in forks


This is my first bike with inverted forks. If I hold the front brake and push firmly forward on the bars, I can feel a little play in the forks. It "feels like" a loose steering column, but it's not. Is this normal?

I don't have a stand yet to get the bike of the ground so that I can wrestle with only the forks.. :)

It's probably the front brake caliper moving, not the forks. Check it out.


Front brake disk on 01 is a floater, and has a bit of play. This is normal.


I'm with Scooter426 on that one,

I own a 00 426, and I was looking at a 01 WR250F on my local dealer last month, finding that very same looseness on what I tough to be steering head play. A closer look guide me to the floating front disk too. The play come from the disk...don't worry

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