Maxxis IT Update

Just reporting in on my Maxxix IT. As I continue to try to wear this tire out I keep getting more impressed. I just got back from riding out at Pine Valley/Corral Canyon OHV park. Did an early morning straiff run. It had just rained...Classic! This area has very technical single track and some wide open fire roads. You really have to be careful on blind corners though. One thing there is no shortage of are rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. Some sections, there is no dirt at all and consists of golfball size rocks intermingled with softball, basketball and beachball size rocks. FUN! The IT has been holding up extreamly well out at Ocotillo. I thought that when I got back to my truck after flailing about, that the rocks would pretty much chunk away at the IT. WOW! This tire is amazing. I honestly feel that I would be about halfway through my 2nd Dunlop by now within the same amount of time. It still looks great! Before I was ready to go out this morning, another rider came up to chat and he commented on my new tire. I said "Oh this? I've got about 500 Ocotillo miles on this thing already!" He's going to get the Maxxis for his bike now.

Report done, Rokett, Over & Out :)

We run the M6001 tire here for trails and all around use in Oregon. It is the best tire I have found yet without studding it! They hook on about everything and last a long time. Plus no chunking like Dunlops and IRCs in the past.

Have you run an S-12 for comparison? I've got a 120/18 Maxxis IT in the garage waiting to go on, I'm just nervous to change as the S-12s have served me quite well, and hook up even when there almost toast. :)

One of my sons bought and never used a Bridgstone M22, so I just put it on my BRP. What a piece of HUD! It washes out on everything. No grip, no holding. Its the total pits in sandy washes. I don't think I will even leave it on. It is flat out dangerous.

I suppose I am either studip or naive, but using the wrong rear tire now seems to make the front slide around and loose its grip as well. Live and learn the hard way.

Think I might try the Maxxis IT. Everyone seems to rave about its performance. I ride alot of varied stuff, not unlike the description of California that Rotakk88 posted.

How wide have you gone on the tire selection? I have always used 110s or 120s. Does it help to go any wider?



I ride at Pima/Dynamite(marbles) and Sycamore(larger marbles) in AZ. The Maxxis IT kicks A$$. I've only run it on the rear(110) though I've had such good luck with the 756 on the front I'm afraid to change just yet. My buddy purchased the Maxxis HT set for his 520 and in my opinion it did not perform nearly as good in our riding environment as the IT.

In either case you had better get it on quick it's getting HOT out here. :)

Almost time to start riding at 5 AM again. :D

Yo Rockatt

Where is Pine Valley - before or after Lake Moreno? Couldn't wait until next weekend huh?

Does anybody in TT land know if the Maxxis IT 120 x 100 x 18 fits on the BRP without rubbing????

I am beginning to think that the hot set up is the IT in the back and the 756 on the front. :)


I heard an old guy on another forum say these were good in desert conditions. For $42-$44 (Rocky Mtn) I'll think I'll give it a whirl. :)

Thump It to Pump It, Pine Valley is the turn off that we always take. You been there, Man!! Remember? You take off from the cul-de-sac staging area and head out on the fire roads. Hang a left on Keenan Trail which is single track and takes you all the way into the Corral Canyon OHV camp grounds. Saturday morning was awsome and beautiful! Don't care too much for riding solo, but when ya gotta go you gotta go. Ocotillo and Havasu next week is gonna be FINE! Yeah, Baby, Yeah!! More Cow Bell! :)


Is anybody running the IT 120X100X18 on the rear? I am worried about clearance - it should be OK as my Bridgestone ED78 was the same size and cleared. How bout it???

Since everybody has good things to say about the Maxxis IT, I just purchased one yesterday. I ended up with the 120x100x18. I talk to a guy at Baja Designs and he said it is accually about a 115x100x18. I always run Michilens myself and they tend to run about the same (slightly smaller). I figured since the standard Dunlop 110x100x18 rubs everywhere anyways, what the hell.

I haven't been impressed with Bridgestone tires, now if I buy a new bike that comes with them I take them off before even riding it, and replace them with Dunlops. My fav combo is 756 rear, 752 front. This works great, a bit slippery on hardpack but I don't push it on hardpack anyway. Haven't tried the Maxxis yet, sounds interesting. Still haveing trouble getting around the "Cheng Shin" reputation (same company, just changed their name).

Yeah, I know what you mean. The Cheng Shen tires I used to see in the 70's were a TOTAL joke! :). Maxxis is like the Lexis in comparison to a Subaru. The only way I would say this is by the seat of the pants evaluation. I'm a Dunlop guy too. It's just that the way these Wild Boars (BRPs) burn through rear tires (like Dunlops) I thought I would do an experiment. Again, I'm out here riding the So Cal Dez and I think the Maxxis IT is great bang for the buck. If money was no object I still might be using Dunlops for the rear. As far as fronts go, I'm on my 2nd 739. My Pig Bro ThumpDaddy650 just threw a 756 on his scoot and I think one those Bad Boys will be my next front tire. Are we having fun yet! :D

Does anybody out there run the Michelin Desert or Baja tires? I am running the Dunlops rigt now, but am considering trying something new. Just out of curiosity how many miles do you guys normally get on a Dunlop tire? I seem to be running through them faster than a kid in a candy store!!

I run the Michelin S-12s on my 520EXC, they hold up better than the Dunlop 756 for me, and they grip in deep sand better. I'm going to try the Maxxis it, BTW will the 120 fit my bike?

I put a new 756 on in November, but with all of the talk, I will give the Maxxis IT a try next time around!

Don't really know how it compares to desert riding but, I started running Pirelli MT44 front and rear on my BRP and love the way they hook-up and handle here in Ill. woods. They seem to handle everything from root infested timber to sandy creeks filled with slick rocks. Do have to admit they are a little skatey on hard pack though. They are definately outlasting my S-12's. Keep Digging Deep! :)

Latest Update:

Last weekend I went out to Ocotillo Wells. For one of the rides, we went to Supersticion (SP!) Mountain. It's about a 50 mile run there and back. I got about 17 miles out and got a flat! :D I waved bye bye to the group and solo'ed back to camp. The side walls of the Maxxis are not super stiff. I cooled it on the way back to camp. I was worried that by the time I got back to camp that the tire might self destruct. No worries Mate! :D Once I got to camp I went right to work to put a new tube in. The tire was perfect. I had torn the valve stem. Even the tube carcass was in good shape! So the Maxxis has passed the flat tire torture test as well. I flipped the tire around so I could spray my Budz with nice crisp knobby roost. After Ocotillo I went out to Lake Havasu and rode another 150 miles. Tire is holding up very well.

Rokatt Report, Over & Out :)


Are you running 2 rim locks?

Ripped out valve stems on the BRP is common with 1 rim lock on the rear. The sucker has a lot of steam.


Just mounted this IT by hand, quite stiff isn't it? I'm running one rim lock on my 520, no problems so far, but the 520 doesn't have the torque of the BRP. :)

The Rockatt man runs with 1 rim lock as well as myself. We made it to Superstition yesterday without a torn valve stem. I am running the 756s and after 300 miles they are beginning to round off quite nicely though I like the way they stick in the sand. I am going to go with Maxxis next time around. I called Maxxis several months ago and they said that they would be coming out with a desert tire in the summer. :)

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