To BRP or not to BRP? How much to ask for 600?

Well my buddy is looking at buying a new house and is selling his final toy, his 2001 BRP. This was his first bike ever and has less than 500 miles on it. Other than the power up kit, the bike is totally stock. I have ridden with him 5 or 6 times and he was very easy on it, but fell a lot. He will sell it to me for $3500.


1. Is this a good price for the bike?

2. Will the 650 be better or worse in the woods than my 93 XR600R?

3. How is the 650 power curve for slippery wet rock riding?

Finally, if I do decide to buy the bike I will need to sell my 600 first. I have only one ride on a new DID X-Ring chain and steel sprockets. Four rides ago (January) I put an SRC fork brace on. Other accessories include handguards, Devol front disc cover, Enduro Eng. rear disc guard, Devol Skid plate, and Uni filter with snorkel removed and header ground. The exhaust is a newer stocker with WB Hot Tip. All plastics are one year old except for tank, and the tires are S12/M12 in good cond. I have maintained the bike well and have put a decent amount of dough into it. How much should I ask for it? Is $2200 OK? Any advice/opinions would be greatly valued.

Is the 650 even the bike for me??? :)


Ryan, you kow you want it and you know its a good deal. Sounds like you already got what you want in the 600. $3500 is a great deal, dropping it a dozen times isn't going to hurt it. If you get it you know you are going to have to do some extra stuff to it, question is do you want to spend that money again. Suspension, bars, keep the qs, pipe etc. I have never felt a 600 so can't help you there. I would probably keep the 600 till it died since the difference isn't going to be that great. Tough choice unless your loaded.

Well I just came back to say I have no balls. I took the wife out after we discussed the bike (it was a go) and went to the mall. Penneys had a swingin deal on bedroom furniture and we bought $3200 worth of furniture for $2000. Tom your post hits the spot now, not what I expected, but what I needed to hear I guess. Let's get together and go for a scoot. :)


I agree with you 100% - happy wife - happy life

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