Is the e-start wasted on the WR450F?

I have hole shotted the last 2 nationals granted it was the vet class but i also use the E-button.

I do crash alot and seem to blow the starter buttons apart but since I went to the fly racing billit buttons I have had zero problems with buttons.

Dont ever burn out the e-start on a '05-'06 anyway, expensive! When mine blew out there were extenuating circumstances(improperly manufactured cam), but it took out everything but the handlebar switch! The starter was so roasted that brushes didn't save it. Nothing else interchanges (quads, streetbikes) so i had to buy new....ok i'm done complaining.

I love the e-start!!! Main reason for owning a WR. I usually kick start the bike, but I proudly wack the sissy-button when i'm sweating my brains out and stall the heavy bastard near the end of a harescramble......

I have a 2007 WR450. Has anyone had problems with the electric start on this Bike?

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