Electrical Q's with a rectifier from baja designs

Hi I have a 2000 wr400 that I made street legal and convert it to Supermoto, but my problem it's the electrical I'll try to explain the best I can, bike lighting system was working fine before I start messing with up I call baja designs and toll them that I want it to make my lights system bright all the time (instead of the low dim when it idle) so they told I need it a rectifier and a battery so I got them they told me to wire all the lights to the battery(front light, tail, turn signals, horn, speedometer) so I did, the rectifier came with 4wires 2 yellows plus a black and red to battery one of the yellows wires they told me to the stator yellow wire and the other yellow wire to the ground, this were I think they were wrong but I hook it anyway to the ground I start the bike and everything look fine till the headlight start dimming out, so I star checking with a ohmeter to see if the voltage regulator was charging and it was showing only two volts charging, so I disconnect the voltage regulator after that and the headlight still looks pretty dim, now not really sure how to test the stator which I think it's bad now, so I call baja designs and they think that I had bad rectifier so they send me a new one this one has I more black wire next to the yellows one so before I start to hook it up or mess something up I would like to get some input from the gurus up here :ride: thanks in advance

Ok. I'll take a shot at it. From what you've described it sounds like you have a stock stator and you have connected the battery "-" terminal to the frame of the bike. You cannot do this. Either you need to "float" the stator or you need to disconnect the battery "-" terminal from the frame and run a seperate "-" wire from the regualtor black lead to the lights and battery. Also if you do not float the stator the rectifier case must be isolated from the frame as well.

Thanks for the reply,Ok I understand doing the "-" and takeing the rectifier from being ground it also but doing the "float" thing to the stator I don't undertans since it just one wire being hook up to the rectifier, by the way whar part in California you live?

The stator in it's stock form is grounded to the engine case on one side. The other connection to the coil is the yellow wire you are referring to. To float the stator you need to unhook the end of the coil that is atteched to ground and attach it to a second wire that you run to the other yellow lead on the rectifier. This way the stator is no longer grounded to the frame. If you mod the stator then you do not have to isolate the battery ground and can use the frame as ground for all of the dc components (battery, lights,etc).

Here are the instructions for "floating the ground" from Baja Designs. BTW, they charge $30 to do it.


Just be aware that those instructions are for the WR450 stator. The concept is similar but the procedure will be a little different for the WR400. The WR450 has two stators and the WR400 only has one. I'm not sure if BD will do the WR400 stator for you but it's worth a call.

Thanks for the help but the float thing seem to be out my skills

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