Moving to Santa Clarita or Palmdale, where to ride

After three years of living in Show Low AZ, other wise known as No Where AZ. I am finally moving to SoCal. I think I am faster already. Looking forward to the Big Six, Adelanto, BITD, Hollister, etc. Any advice from you Hare and Hound, Hare Scramble, and GP guys.

I am a "B" rider, vet class (35). Bought my first bike, a WR400 in Nov '00. Man I wish I would of known about dirt bikes when I was a kid. Can't wait to get my boy on one. (too young still).

Edwards AFB has a pretty nasty track.


I would move to Santa Clarita vs Palmdale..

Santa Clarita is far better than Palmdale. You would be with in 1 hour of some good tracks and hungrey valley OHV, and 2 hours to the dez for some hare and hounds (Lucerne Valley). Either way sounds like youd be better off at either!

You can plan on riding a lot at LACR, Hungry Valley, and the dez.

Definitely move to Santa Clarita instead of Palmdale ! I may be a bit biased since I live in Santa Clarita, but I almost moved to Palmdale 10yrs. ago and I'm really glad I didn't.

As far as riding goes, checkout for info on all of the MX tracks in the area. There are also numerous areas to trail ride throughout the Santa Clarita area. If you need additional info on the area or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.


Thanks for the responses. Guess I need to find a place in Santa Clarita. $$$ will be tight for a few months though. Can't wait to get there (Jan 07). See you guys at the races. I am the old-guy (34) that tries to go too fast and wrecks every time he gets in the top three, get so excited I can't concentrate anymore.

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