Moto Jack Rack ??

just wondering if any of you guys have had any experiences with the Moto Jack Rack ?? Good or bad ?? thanks

I am developing a similar unit for a receiver hitch. It will not have a jack initially, just lift the bike up on your own. It will require a 2" receiver hitch.


I recently purchased one and it works as advertised. I was alittle squimish on whether the footpeg clamps were strong enough to hold it in there, but it seems to work just fine. To say you can load and unload the bike faster than taking it out of a truck is a little bit of a stretch though. Keep in mind that if your hitch receiver is not flush w/ your bumper, you will need one made with a longer shaft.

I was just a turkey run in NH and talked to a guy that drove from Long Island with one of these in a 2" reciever on the front of his pickup (he had a slide in camper in the back). He had an XR6 on the rack. Seemed real sturdy but you could rock the bike back and fourth and up and down a couple of inches. The movement was in 2" reciever and insert not the rack.

I thought it would be kind of an adjustment having a rocking XR6 hanging from your front bumber driving up I95 at 70mph---


I just picked mine up about a month ago. So far, so good. I treked the bike over 1400 miles to Bill's in PA last week, no issues.

It does rock the bike a little, mine isn't hitch movement but rather the rack has some play in it. The movement is worrisome at first, but after a long journey everything is still tight and safe.

The hard rubber pads on the op where the frame sits on has come off after 2 uses. I have to expoxy it now.


01 WR426 Uncorked.


I have been using the Moto-Jack Rack for two years with great success. You will be the first one loaded up and ready to go, it is a great work stand as it gets your bike up high, I can attest to the durability and safty of the "Rack" as I have put it through the paces on and off road. I am in-between garages and have had my bike on the back of my car (SUV) for the last two weeks. The MJR has an anchoring point to lock the bike up and I think it would be a chore to rip a bike off it. The guy that makes them is very cool (Andy) and will stand behind his product. Oh yeah if you don't have a truck and don't have the room for a trailer there is no other choice worth looking in to. Tell him Paul sent you and enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Yes the rubber pads will come off eventually, mine waited till just recently and only after I started putting vast amounts of WD40 on the chain after washing. You can rivit the pads on by drilling 3 small holes accross and using pop rivits. If this is reoccuring problem that happens after low travel hours let me know and I will speak with Andy. As far as the rocking go's use a ratchet strap from the clutch pearch to the chain holes on the reciever and crank it down a bit. That should keep everything snug.

where do I get one of these jacks, I have a trailer that I pull behind the suburban when the wife and kids go to the races with me and it would be great. Thanks. :)

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