Why is the WR such a big bike??

I just looked at some specs... compared to the CRF, the WR450 has a seat height that is almost 2" higher!! However, it has .6" LESS travel on the front end (the rear is the same.) I have a friend with a CRF and its hieght is much more reasonable than my WR. I have been exploring ways to lower my bike that are effective, yet inexpensive. I haven't really come up with anything yet. Now that I see how the WR compares to the CRF, I just wonder, why is it so big in the first place???


the crf is a MX bike where you don't need the ground clearance the WR has. the WR is a trail bike which it needs the extra ground clearance for rocks or trees.

Well... I don't understand that argument since the YZF has the same seat height as the WRF... :)

I think that Yamaha just made a big bike. I love the WR... especially the engine. But at slow speed or in technical situations... it is a real handful. My old KDX handled that stuff much better, mostly because I could touch the ground.


Yamaha valve train and engine are taller. That pushes the frame higher and the next thing you have is a taller bike.

Most Eurpoean off road bikes have had 2" - 3 " lower seat height. Yamaha needs to go to a split frame around the engine (like their delta frame street bikes) and redesign the rear shock to take up less vertical space with a remote gas resevoir. I think they will get there with an aluminum frame. :)

I just wonder, why is it so big in the first place???

Cuz the WR & YZF are for REAL men :D And the red bike is for wussy's :)

Well said, Fourstroke!!!

....Bigger is Better!! :):D

Just had to reply :) I'm a bit over 6' and have long arms. Yamaha works well for me. Going riding with a vertically challenged friend next weekend. He makes his CRF look great.

Good topic. Other than the complaint of, "a high center of gravity," hadn't thought about this one. Just that my bike fits me well with my setup.

You guys are so competitive red blue who cares ride and be happy :)

I like the layout of the WR.

Thats one of the reasons why I bought it.

Short people got no reason to........

I am only 5'10. 30" inseam. It does not feel all that high to me. The sitting to standing transition is just about perfect for me. It will settle when you get the bike setup and the suspension breaks in. Get the right springs for your wieght. You spent a lot of money on your bike, set it up the right way. It will set an inch or two lower. Have you guys ever noticed when you get a new bike there is no static sag? I think the let the suspenstion top out to make it look long legged at the dealership? Just an observation. ---Mike

Jim Bo, I talked to Norm Kouba of Kouba Links, he said they should have a new linkage part for the 450 in a few weeks, they are redesigning the rocker peice on the linkage to lower it. they were finalizing the design on a computer.

i need to lower it about 2 inches. i did some serious jumping today and boy did i give my suspension a work out. i was jumping off a 6 foot drop and landing flat and still didn't bottom this bike out.the suspension is awesome.so i think once it lowers about an inch or 2 i should be fine.

Yamaha called and asked me how tall to make my new bike. Based on many happy miles since delivery I would say that got it almost right. After installing my guts tall seat its perfect now. Score one for the long legged crowd. :)


If you lower your bike, let me know how you do it. I think I'd like to lower it about 1 - 2 inches.


I'm 5'9" and it seemed a little tall to me at first, so now I just ride faster! :)

i was jumping off a 6 foot drop and landing flat and still didn't bottom this bike out.

After lowering it 2 inches you should have no problem bottoming out. :)

Jim Bo where did you see it has 6" less travel? That would suprise me because the fork and shock are the same as on the YZ just valved different.


I didn't say 6", I said 0.6". I got the info from the yamaha website. If it were 6" less, it would be a street bike! :)

Ahhh I need to go back to my reading comprehension class. I get it now.

I was a bit wary of the seat height on the 426 when I switched from my XR400 but I have to say, I like the extra height. It rides better in the woods and easier to hit over logs than my 400.

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