Why is the WR such a big bike??

I'm 5'11". It doesn't feel tall to me. Maybe it's the width. I used to ride an XR600 that was lower, but much wider. It felt tall. My Wr250 (2 stroke) was a little wider, it felt tall. My Rm125 was like riding a mountain bike, pretty much the same seat height as my WR, but about as thick as a cracker, I'm slightly bow legged(swingin' room ya know! :)), it made my hips sore trying to grip it with my knees, It didn't feel tall. My WR450 looks tall though. It makes me feel manly just lookin' at it. Now it only needs about 200 more cc's and I think it would be just about perfect! :D :D :D

Well the stats show that while the wr is 2" taller than the CRF, it also has a little over an inch more GC. It should be 2" more GC for the 2" seat height, but unless they redesign for next year, it aint gonna happen.

Here's my theory. The WR is a big bike because Yamaha is targeting a specific demographic-- it's the same as having a big truck with a big lift kit and huge tires. Yeah, that's right, it's a compensator. I hear few things will rid a guy of his insecurities more than riding a WR with a huge mullet hanging out the back of his helmet.


I think you may be right!! I guess that's why I bought a WR!!


At 5'8 the WR450 seems a little tall in the tight stuff, but that's it. I would never lower my bike and sacrafice any loss of suspension because I love the way the bike handles... :)

Hey Beezer, Thanks alot. I read this post about a 1/2 hour ago and now I can't get that stupid song out of my head :)

I have a shorn noggin' (no mullett), I don't wear oakley anything, I drive a small car and a mini van, I have a miniature collie, the smallest python I could buy for my daughter (I also bought her a dwarf hamster) and I ride my kids' xr50 (minibike)more than my WR. Maybe I bought the wrong Bike! :) By the way, nothing say "to there" better than a six foot tall wife! No compensation needed, thank you. :D

Cornholio-Are you looking for tp for your bunghole? I don't think I would spend $6500 do impress a bunch of guys out on the trail. As for me I don't swing that way, but you know what they say different strokes for different folks.

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