WR 450 (05) no electrics- help

Hi All

My wr 450 has lost all lights and horn.They do not come on when the motor runs nor is the battery charging.

I ran a multi meter over it and concluded it was the rectifier.

I replaced the rectifier but no joy.

All the fuses are good.

Its go me beat. Any ideas as to why I cannot get the lights to work.

Is it possibly the coil.

Any help apprecated.


Check the stator for voltage to the regulator.

^^^What he said. The lighting coil in the stator might've burned out, it's separate to the ignition coil.

Thanks Guys. We spent the weekend on it. Opened and cleaned the stator. Ran a multimeter all over it according to the book. All the Ohm readings are in spec. I am not getting a win. Ive basically decided to take it into the shop. Much to my disgust because i can'r see it being a cheap exercise.

Is there any chance it could be a faulty CDI unit?

Hi Gregg,

I read your post about the WR450 05 rectifier,

i head similar problem, dim lights and no battery charging. First I changed the rotor since it had some fisical damage (nothing happend) then I head the stator rewound (i got the lights to work), but i still get ony 6V charging the battery, so now i need new rectifier and new battery since the batery cannot be charged over 8V any more.

I think you should get new stator or get the old one rewound (look for darker spots on the wires, if not all the same color it is probably burned). You can also check the voltage on the wires comming from the stator into the rectifier, there should be about 14V AC (not DC).

I soupose you maybe now have 2 working regulators, and I badly need one cheap, are you willing to sell one?


turns out the stator was Ok in fact everythinmg was ok excet that there was a short in the indicator switch. As soon as I put a new indicator assembly on the problem was cured.

Sorry I cant help you wityh a stator as I did not end up having to replace mine.

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