Acerbis Dual Lites??

I just picked up a set of these guys today and I was wondering is it okay to wire these up to the stock generator, on my bike? I wired them up and the output seems to be great!, is this hard on the bike there 35watt x2 bulbs.

I was just wondering what you guys think? :)

This bike has a permanent magnet alternator and has no way of varying output other than engine RPM. All electricity that is not used by lights or other loads is dumped to the frame (ground). Your additional lighting will not hurt anything although you may not get the full benefit of seventy watts of lighting being that the alternator is rated at seventy four watts. :)

Will fit virtually any motorcycle

How well does it fit on? What had to be done to install headlite?

Well guys this was one easiest installs!

I just pulled the old light cover off, I used the male end of the electrical connector off of it so the new one would plug into the bikes OEM connector!

all you do is put the acerbis setup together, solder on the connector ends and plug it in, it fits like a stock piece!

looks great mind you the red one might look better mine is all white, im still happy, give it a few rides and it will be cracked anyways :D

it has alot more light then stock, :)

great value! :D

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