Hello Guys Im a Rookie here!

I have tweeked my stock handlebars just a pinch and find myself shoping for a new set. There are tons of different bars out there, bends ,Brands, metals,

Im a semi agressive Trail, fireroad runner,

what do you guys use?

Carmicheal bend on a BRP?? :)

Maybe my question should be, what bars are harder to bend

cause the stock ones bent so easy!

hope im not buggin you guys! :D

How tall are you? I have Carmichael bend Renthals on my 600 and they work just fine. I am 6'1-6'2 range and really could have went for the Button bend. The thing I like about the Carmichael is that they do not pull back too far. Regular Renthals are much tougher than stock, but can bend if hit very hard. Pro Tapers and Fat Bars will give you more strength, but come at a price many (including myself :) ) are not willing to pay.


Pro Tapers and upper triple clamp with the clamps in the forward position. Yes it's a pricey set up but once you realize that you can't bend the Pro Tapers you will be happy

you spent the bucks. Besides if you get a Scotts upper triple clamp you will be ready for a stabilizer when you decide you need one. :)

Hey guys thanks for the info! :)

im 6 ft 2, I think im gonna end up getting renthal

bars, the price is about as high as I wanna go!

as for the bend I will have to compare I guess.

So Renthals are alot stronger then a cheap pair of

steel bars like MSR brand steel bars. there are cheaper replacement bars out there is alloy a choice for stength over steel or weight?

I would cry if my new Renthals bent as easy as the stock bars did :D

Deduct the price on the "Benthal" bars that you will trash your first get off from the cost of the Pro Tapers and the correct position triple clamp. See - that's not too much money is it? The benefits from moving the bars forward are worth it.

If you need to move the bars forward, you may as well go with Pro Tapers, but otherwise the Renthals are plenty tough unless you plan on some real high speed get offs. The steel bars bend super easy and I have seen them pretzeled many times. Many of the guys I ride with (about 8 out of 10) have Renthals and have been very satisfied for a cool $60.

I also have a question on handle bars. What is the stock bendon the 95 XR600? Does anyone know the measurements? I would like to compare them to other bends. Does riding with a 31.6" width bar really feel that much different than a 32" witdh bar? I need to get some bars that have a lot more lift. The stock bars are just too short for me. I am 6'5" and feel stooped over when standing. I can't afford the triple clamp, so am limited to adding bars with a higher bend and less sweep. Thanks.

I agree with Graves and Dutch... I'd get the Pro Tapers (Cr High Bend) with the clamps that move the bars forward... I've dumped the bike hard several times and haven't bent the tapers... Going from the stock setup, you'll notice a huge difference in control due to the higher & more forward riding position (better leverage & control). The setup is worth the investment...


When I bought my 93 XR600R it had stock 600 bend renthals and I know your pain. They are relatively low and have an uncomfortable amount of pull back. I now have the Carmichael which have pretty good rise, but best of all less sweep. I can actually stand up now and ride. I can't believe you haven't bent the stockers yet :)


Thanks for the replies. I am heading to Moab this Weds. I guess I'll look into changing after that. As far as not bending the stockers... well the term spode bodes well. I have had my bike for just over a year and haven't dumped it yet. Knock, knock!! I just enjoy cruzin' in the mountians here in Colo. :)

If your tall and ride in the really tight stuff, try the Pro-Taper Woods High bend. Comfy and only 29.5" wide.


wow thanks guys! the suggestions from all of you make things alot easyier. Im looking at getting Rental Carmicheal bends, I can't afford the PTs and clamps,

maybe next time! and beleve me there will be one :D!

Im a rookie anyways and I wouldn't know a good bar if it smacked me in the head! :D!

Thanks guys!

Hey beav,

I am also tall, 6'3" and know what you mean by having to lean over too much. I went with the pro tapers and am happy with them. I saw another guy that had mounted some ATV bars on his 650R and they really increased the height. I rode around a little on it and it actually felt pretty good considering they were ATV bars. Good luck. :)

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