BK's carb mod

Hello everyone,

I am relieved to see that ThumperTalk is actually working again! While the forums didnt work I have been researching and printing out stuff! I have been reading and rereading posts on this mod! I have printed them out and they are very imformative (including the 29 pg one from the WR side LOL)! Has there been any pics taken? If so where can you look at them! If for some reason you do not like the mod can you remove it? For the people who have done this mod...how do you like it? and is it hard to do? If you have any comments or suggestions I would be glad to hear from you! I am starting to seriously think about doing it...but I am a little nervous drilling and tapping a hole in the body of my $700+ carb! Thanks ,



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Still trying to get back on here, had to try a new name the old password doesn't work.

Motoman, don't worry about the carb, there is a small area in the casting at exactly the spot for this mod.

(like Yamaha was considering it?)

Look at it and you'll see the area. Even if you screw up the hole I can't see it affecting the carb. Good thing about it is you can do the mod but can undo it by unscrewing the bolt.

Sorry I don't have pics but think of it as a throttle stop for the pump actuator.

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