going to go buy a new bike tomorrow!

alright so i had a 07 yz450f and i ended up breaking up with my ex and she took it. anyways...im looking into more of the desert bikes i have run into riding in the dark on accident with no light too many times. but i like the power of the yz are the wr's close to the same amount of power? does anybody have any experience with the 09's? i rode a friend of mines 07 crf450x and i liked it but iv always been a yamaha guy are the yamahas still the way to go? iv never had a honda...just looking for some good advice and incentive, im thinking i might get a good deal with the holday weekend...i can hope atleast. thanks guys.

rmz450f EFI, great handling, smooth and stable. WR is heavy, CRF is messed up.

You can't go wrong with a yamaha. You've got to do alot of crap to a WR before it'll run like its supposed to. All the info needed is in this forum.

You specifically asked for a desert bike that has lights. An RM-Z 450 is an MX bike with no lights :ride:

There are aftermarket lighting kits that would fit either bike. You could go the ala carte method and check eBay for everything you need to save a few dollars, but it is time consuming.

Curious as to how you let your ex take your bike from you...

"You can have my bike when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers" - C.H.

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