FYI- 00 yz 426 for sale in Salt Lake City

Street legal, ims tank, e-line coil, excellent condition 3,300. (801) 556-8082 :)

Chris :D


Why are you selling her? :) Are you getting a new one? I work at South Valley Motorsports (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Artic Cat) in Draper now. If you are in the market for a new one, LMK..................db

I'm selling it so I can get a wr 450. If you can get south valley to match 6200 out the door, then we'll talk. :D

Chris :)

Going once...

I have a standing offer of 3000 for trade in. If anyone will beat that, they can have it. :)


Give me a call tomorrow................db 330-7886

Going twice... It's going to get traded in tomorrow for 3000. 3200 and she's yours to keep!!! BTW, the oil has been changed every ride. The engine is like new. :)

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