Yamaha IS Watching

Yamahas legal team made Offroad.com pull official TSB information from their test.

"We apologize for the inconvenience - but Yamaha has requested we remove this document from our servers temporarily. Before anyone screams "foul" - the reason the information is not available is there is some internal Yamaha cost data which is not appropriate for external or international distribution."

The boys in blue are a bit touchy concerning their little problem. :)

well that sucks...

and i went ahead and made a copy of it...bad me. :)

While it will be a bit harder to get, just ask around if you need a copy of this, as i'm certain there are a few floating around. :)



There certainly are copies I have one :D and would be more than happy to share it with anyone that would like a copy :)

yamaha can kiss my ass !! it's our right to know something is messed up with our bikes.my dealer still doesn't know anything about the TSB yet.so monday when i go to work i am gonna fax them a copy of the one i printed out.

I don't mind if Yamaha gets organized before they go public with the TSB, as long as they provide free towing out of the woods and compensation for lost fun time.


Too late. I brought in my bike with the OffROad.com TSB Thursday, two days before the dealer ever got the official, yellow sheet TSB. This is the same dealer who said there was no problem and that I should not believe what I read on Thumper Talk.

If it was not for my buddies on TT I might never have heard about this issue. Interesting how quickly they leveraged OffRoad.com (3 days), but took their time issuing the TSB (3 months).

Sounds like they do not want it out do to the parts costs on there? They are dealer prices I guess. They also want the dealer doing it to cover thier butts! They would not want someone doing it themselves and taking the time to do it right or anything. ---<ike

My dealer still hasn't recieved the TSB from Yamaha. They got a mysterious FAX from someone :):D :D who had the TSB already.

Keep in mind this is the same folks over at Yamaha that gave us grey wires and throttle stops. With out them we surely would kill ourselves. :)

I can see their side. I wonder how much that throttle sticking deal cost them on the older YZ's?

I imagine they have to treat every problem the same. Every procedure must be in place.

I dont think these factories have any idea how to handle the "thumpertalk" situations. Can you imagine the complaining we would have done on the 1982 YZ's? We just had no one to vent other than the guy standing next to us in the parts line.

I think this forum, and others, are forcing the factories and magazines to respect the internet.

Remember when the magazines (on a 90 day delay) were considered "current information"???

This wr problem has been recognized and solved before the mags have ever reported on it.

Screw the Dirt Bike subscription. I am listening to you guys.

Yamaha still maintain the 03 exhaust cam swap is impossible, not just inadvisable, but impossible... :) I for one would refute that... :D


If someone could fax or email me that Tech Sevice Bulletin I would appreciate it. I never thought that it would be yanked from the offroad.com site like that...

pm me your email address

I printed this in .pdf format and still have it in color.

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