How do I lap the flywheel/crank?

What do I need to do this, and where do I get the stuff? I am kinda hesatant to just take it to the dealer and have them do it because I want to make sure it's done right. Has anyone done the procedure themselves? Just in case I get lazy, can any dealer do this for free? The dealer I might be getting my bike from is new, small, and didn't even know how to start a yamaha 4 stroke until I showed him. It is not going to get done by him, and I'm definitely not going to pay someone to do it. Thanks!

Chris :)

i was going to do the work myself but i found it would be better to let the dealer do it this way i have paper work on the fix. if something major goes wrong"knock on wood" than the person who did my bike would be more to blame than i would be. i am sure that any authorized yamaha dealer could do the recall. they'll still get payed the same to fix it.

I agree totally if you do it yourself you'll be out on a limb by yourself lol ... If something happens that is :)

I assume this a WR450 ? If so, the dealer will perform the TSB for free regardless of the mileage or warranty condition. Had mine done yesterday. They even adjusted and rejetted the carb to prevent a start backfire. Going to Moab Thursday for a good thrashing. I'll take my GPS so if it does break down I can give the dealer the latitude and longitude so they can come recover their financed asset.

You'll need a flywheel puller for a WR, the YZ puller dosn't work. Yamaha's service bulletin describes the procedure pretty well.


Did your dealer tell you what jetting change they made. I'm getting a lot of low-end bog and stalling - especially after bike get's good and hot. According to the manual, I should tune the pilot circuit so I plan on adjusting the fuel screw. But I'm also planning on going to a 155 main and YZ needle. Bike runs great from 1/4 throttle on up. Just need to get the low end dialed. Any other ideas? BTW, I ride at about 1500 - 3000 ft elevation.

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