new fmf q pipe

does anyone have any feedback on the new fmf Q pipe?

I just installed one on my 00. I'll be riding it later this week and I'll report what I find. I have started in the driveway and it is a little quieter than stock or close to it. It's not louder anyway. Of course I don't have any fancy equipment to varify this. Just the human ear. One thing to mention on this muffler. It slips over the stock header and does not use the stock gasket. In fact it leaves no room for a gasket. FMF expects you to just slip it on and secure it with the band clamp provided.

It still leaked so I wrapped the header end with teflon tape and then installed the muffler. That seems to have worked. The only other thing I found a little dissapointing was that the cannister has a band clamp to secure it to the back of the subframe instead of a boss welded to it. It comes with two appropriately sized o-rings that must be lined up with the grooves on the clamp. Kind of a pain in the butt, but once it's all done it is very secure. Hope this info helps.


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I've been riding with one for 2 weeks on my 00 wr400. it's alot quieter than an uncorked wr moves the power around with more low end but seemed to be a little flat on top.

OH and I'm running wr timing.


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guard, fmf power core 4 Q pipe

I have one. I have only run it once, but the flow restriction versus stock has made it so that I need to lean it out some. I think a pilot jet change should do the trick as my response in the 1/8 to 1/4 throttle response is the area affeced by the piep change. I am at 5-7k feet in Colorado.

Any suggestions anyone???


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