oil...1L in.....1/2L out

06 yz 450 ann. edition ....after riding for a day, when i change my oil i only get 1/2 of it back. thats after putting in a 1L (recomended) before the ride.whats happening?am i gonna do any damage by riding it.i change my oil before every ride just to make sure i atleast start out the day with enough oil in it. thx in advance for the help

Did you drain the oil out of both drain plugs? The engine should have about 1/2 liter and the oil tank should have about 1/2 liter.

yes i did

yes.... left side and right side drain plug

We need more information. I'm assuming you have changed the oil on this bike before without any problem. Do you see any leaks? Was there excessive smoke from the exhaust?

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