Just a quick rave!

I ride a 2001 WR426. Tried to get it licensed for dual sport use, talked to state patrol and they said no way. So I went out and bought a KTM 625sxc, now don't get me wrong I like the KTM....but.......The WR has got to be one of the most entertaining bikes I have ridden. I find myself picking the WR over the KTM more often than not, now I know they are two completely different bikes but that WR is just insanely fun...I love it!!!!

Thats all....


I'd keep my 426 if it had E-start. My only rant besides lack of parts.

Why wouldn't they let you reg it? What was the main issue?

Told me that if did not come as a factory option that there was no way I could license it also something to do with my vin number....

Check out your local dmv website. Here in CT you just need a composite m/c insp. Put on the legal road gear and you're all set.

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