Scotts Steering Damper

Has anyone tried to install the damper with the stock bars? I haven't got my bike yet but I have the damper and was wondering if I have to get renthals or what. I didn't order the oversize bars mounting bracket so its stock or renthals I guess. Let me know what you know so I'll know :) Thx


I assume this is a WR450 ? If so, the offset of the steering head and the top triple clamp is unique to the bike. Ir requires a special Scott damper post. You may also, as I have, need to machine off part of the triple clamp to clear the clamp when turning. All in all retrofitting my damper from my 02' WR426 costs some bucks.

Yes but im still waiting to recieve my wr :) im told tuesday this week should be here :D

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