KLX250 and KLX300 Swap???

Are all the parts from a KLX 250 and 300 interchangable? Most of them anyway? I have a tweaked frame (KLX300) and can get a KLX250 frame cheap. Looking to see if this will work? Thanks!

Yeap! How is your fork?

OK...I'm a little new to the KLX250/300 deal...but ask me anything about the KLR600/650.:busted: But on the interchangability deal and aside from the 2009 model, weren't all the 250's and 300's pretty close to the same bike?...including those 250's that weren't sold in the U.S. I was under the impression that the 250 engine size was used for the street legal model because of engine size issues ranging from licensing, taxing, registration, etc. around the world. I don't claim to know any of this as fact...just curious.

I have the opposite problem. Traded for a 2006 KLX250s, and the frame is bent and cracked by the steering column. I cannot find a frame for my bike, but found plenty of KLX300 frames. Does anyone know if I can swap everything from my 2006 klx250 to the 300 frame? If so, what range of years of frames should I be looking at?

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