01 WR 426 neutral safety switch

what does the neutral safety switch do on a bike with a kick starter and does it have any affect on the ignition. bike has no spark and no reading on the switch (with ohm meter). and bad reading on source coil 1? is this the stator.

It's not needed. In fact most remove or at least disconnect it. I believe it reduces voltage to the coil when connected so you are better off without it.

To do this mod all you need to do is remove the light blue wire from the CDI. This light blue wire goes to the neutral switch and is causing low voltage output out of the cdi when it neutral. So when you disconnect the wire you get more voltage in neutral and more spark=easier starting. It takes some wiggling around to get the wire out (WD-40 and compressed air helped loosen all the dirt and made it easier to remove) You DONT cut the wire you simply unhook it. Make sure you wrap electrical tape around the wire (in case you ever want to plug it back in)

Now go amaze your 2 stroke buddies and fellow YZF owners by how easy your bike starts w/o fouling plugs.

Try unplugging your kill switch. It may be grounding out and you will not get spark. Saw it happen to a CRF I worked on. Also, have you had your tank off recently, wires could have gotten pinched causing same problem

thanks for info still no spark bad reading from source coil 1 this is the stator right??:busted:

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