01' YZ426

I just bought my bike and the manual isn;t clear on whether you can clean the oil filter or do you have to replace it. If you can clean it do you guys do so every oil change and how many times before replacement?

The first 5 oil changes I changed the filter after that I change it every 3rd time and clean in between.



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I clean mine with some gas and compressed air every oil change. I saw loads of metals shavings during my first 3 or 4 changes. I also found some larger bits of metal in my strainer during the first change. Take a look at my filter after the 3rd oil change: http://hometown.aol.com/parkflier/myhomepage/personal.html

IMHO I cant see any difference between the stock filter that I clean during every oil change and a brand new Yamaha replacement filter. Its fine to use a cleaned stocker as long as you give it a good visual inspection and change the oil every few hours.


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