3 bikes STOLEN-Update-YZ recovered 04/09/03

Bad news Tom... I know they picked the wrong guy to do that to...

If you can make up a poster, with the descriptions, Vin numbers, even a picture, then give it to dealers, and post it here so people can download and print a copy so if they are at a track, they can look out for them...

I hate to say it, but if the thieves have any intelligence at all, they will probably break the bikes up and sell the parts... worth more and easier to sell a swingarm than a whole tricked up bike... keep a look out in the for sale columns here and elsewhere for the parts...

Let us know how you go... we all dread what you must be feeling.. walking out to an empty garage or shed... :)


i know how it feels a while back my brother and i had our dirtbikes stolen and our neighbor had his quad stolen the same night. needless to say we all were pissed off !! hope you have better luck than we did neither bike was ever seen again ! i feel for you man nothing worse than waking up and your bikes are gone.

Man, so sorry to hear that.

You have any shady neighbors that hang around? Someone else posted that thier bikes were stolen and someone replyed to them saying that most of the time when bikes get stolen its someone close to you (in your neighborrhood) that knew they were in your garage. :)

Good luck, hope you fine em.

Very sorry to hear about your loss Brother. Yesterday I was working in my garage and I heard footsteps running up my driveway, I opened the door and some punk was about two steps from my aluminum loading ramp, behind my house, in broad daylight! I am 6', 200 lbs, 32" waist(not little), and he was about a buck and a quarter. I think he was suprised to see me judging by the look on his face. He stood there for what seemed like a minute(probably more like 1/10th of a second) before rabbiting. I can't explain how angry I was. These low lifes are absolute scum. They will never know how good it feels to actually earn something, or how much it angers people when they rip them off. When they do get caught in someones back yard with their hard earned property in their hot little hands, and get the ass pummeling they deserve, they want to blame the property owner. Sorry about the tyrade. I grew up in a neighborhood that this sort of thing happened all the time. It's everywhere now. Here's my vote for justifiable beatings! Hope you get some sort of compensation for your loss. Not just from your insurance man either. Maybe someone will stumble accross you stuff and the lizard, scratch that,I like lizards, parasite that took it will do a little vacation time in the "Iron Bar Resort" with an amorous roomie with a sleeper fetish. Again, sorry, and, Good luck.

Sorry to hear about that. My brother had three bikes stolen from him. Police told my bro that the thief was known to my brother. He was. It was a friend of a friend type thing. The thief saw the bikes and came back a couple of months later. Good news is, bro got the bikes back. Anyone new been around in the last couple of months?

That's a story.

Thanks Opium......those are my kinds guys. :) Think they would be interested in a road trip?

Wow. Those Brits are out of control! Justifiable beatings eh? Looks like the article is from "performance Bikes" a sport bike mag from the Brits. Those of you who are into sport bikes (or anybody else for that matter) should pick up a copy. It's a hoot! Not for those easily offended. Or children. Or wives. Some nudity (nothing like a biker mag though).

The subject title has changed to "YZ recovered". What happened?


It's scary :). They start doing this for getting even and they get the feeling of being useful.

Cycle nut that is awesome the yz was recovered / Liberated

I assume its a matter of time now to get the others back seeing it took more then one to grab all... :)

We're hoping for the best. The case has more direction now. I'll keep you posted. Thanks! :)

Last night three of our bikes were stolen from our residence. They are:

1) 1999 BBR CR125/XR220 conversion, polished aluminum frame and aluminum fuel tank

2) 2001 YZ250F Vortex ignition, Carbon fiber skidplate, Dr. D. exhaust

3) 2002 TTR125L YZ USD forks, tall seat, BBR swingarm and cradle.

We live in Brewster, NY, which is adjacent to Danbury CT. The bikes were taken while we slept. If anyone has any information, please call my home (845) 278-4955, or NY State Police in Brewster (845)279-5590. Thanks.


Useful they are. If these idiots Mammies had given them spankin's when they were kids, they wouldn't be gettin' em now on the street! It's called ACCOUNTABILITY. As long as the bleedin' hearts keep making excuses for poor behavior and blaming someone else, it's only going to get worse! Payday asshats! :D:)

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