parked bike ??

Both my bikes have been parked for over a year and we are going back home in October for 3 weeks and we plan to ride. My question is what all needs to be done for a few days of riding? Before we left I drained the gas from the tanks and carbs, poured a tablespoon of oil down the sparkplug holes, plugged the exhaust and taped up the airbox holes so I wouldnt have any unwelcome guests. I also run amsoil and scotts ss filters in both bikes but really dont want to change the oil for a few days of riding. The oil is over a year old but doesnt have but a few hours on it. I also noticed some rust down in the sparkplug hole, I guess from washing it and not running it afterword. Is there any way to get that out without removing the jug or do I just not worry about it. Thanks

fuel em up, dust em off and ride, oil does not ware out sitting idle

Thanks, thats what my plan was but wanted to get a few more thoughts on it. Also, what do you think about the rust?

I think the rust no problem. Only worry MIGHT have would be float valve or something dried in place in the carb. Gas should break it loose. But if it won't run or run correctly I would do a quick carb check. Sounds like you did all the right things before you let it sit.

Thanks for the help guys!

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