2008 YZ450F Street Legal SM Build (w/PICS)

The bike had 15 hours on it and was owned by a tech at a local shop. I already have a number of KTMs so I thought I’d try something new. I was aware that I’d have to build an entire floating ground DC electrical system and that the best I could do without the WR stator mod was get a 50w lighting coil. I only have 4-5 hours on the bike, so we’ll see whether the Proracing 50w stator holds up. If it doesn’t, only choices are a total loss DC system or the WR stator mod. I previously posted the DC wiring diagram for the bike. Thanks for all the help from SMJ and TT, including from folks like Swatdoc and Grayracer. BobIT from NEDB gets huge props for all his help. Now it’s time to ride. Pics below and build sheet is below them.











-- RAD Engineering 17” SM wheels (5” rear; 3.5” front)

-- Michelin Power Pilot 2CT tires (160 rear; 120 front)

-- Supermoto Engineering axle sliders


-- Devil Dual Sprinter exhaust and chambered header (surprisingly quiet!) (required use of a chain roller as a spacer for left rear panel)

-- Advanced Performance Accessories (APA) silencer protectors (full sliders)

-- APA coolant recovery reservoir

-- Zeta DRZ heel guard (swing arm chain guard – for MA inspection only)

-- Zeta rear brake billet clevis

-- Zeta front brake line billet clamp

-- Zeta ignition cover plugs

-- Zeta hand guards

-- Zeta bar clamp 10mm (for clutch perch mirror)

-- Zeta case saver

-- Zeta front brake master cylinder reservoir cap

-- Dr. D brake perch mounted hot start lever

-- Billet oil fill plug (Thumper Talk)

-- T.M. Designs rear chain guide

-- Graves upper chain guide

-- GYTR aluminum glide plate

-- ASV F3 series folding levers

-- Factory white graphics/plastic kit

-- 15/45 gearing, with Vortex rear 45T sprocket

-- Trail Tech supermoto kickstand

-- Sunline shift lever

-- Sunline brake pedal

-- DID ERT2 chain

-- MSR fuel mix screw

-- Outlaw Racing fork relief valve

-- Twin Air billet air filter bolt

-- Works Connection pro clutch perch

-- Applied Racing 22mm triple clamps (rubber mounted bar clamps)

-- Scotts under the bar damper

-- Mobil 1 Racing 4T oil

-- Grayracer oil filter bolt ball bearing mod

-- Stock rear brake

-- Stock front brake caliper

-- 320mm Braking front rotor

-- MotoMaster stock front caliper relocator bracket

-- IMS 3.1 gal. natural tank

-- ’03-’05 YZ450 petcock

-- Tusk billet gas tank cap for IMS tanks

-- Boyesen water pump cover and impeller

-- CV4 radiator hoses and cap

-- Powder coated ignition cover

-- Adige billet outer clutch cover

-- Zip Ty Racing oil filter cover

-- KTM Twins folding mirrors

-- Light Speed carbon fiber water pump guard

-- Tugger rear seat strap


-- Proracing 50w lighting stator (they said this was their own stator and not Moose/Electrex/Electrosport)

-- Proracing flywheel (stock weight)

-- K&S DOT LED turn signals (for MA inspection only)

-- DMP short arrow LED turn signals (smoke)

-- Polisport MMX headlight (35w, DOT, hi/lo beam)

-- Polisport tail light with integrated license plate light (PPO 1219)

-- Sicass Racing universal horn kit

-- Sicass Racing LED I/C flasher unit

-- Sicass Racing turn signal mounts

-- Turn Tech 5Ah/65Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, mounted in airbox using 5” pipe mounting bracket and 4mm nutserts.

-- Trail Tech regulator/rectifier

-- Trail Tech Vapor (speedo sensor mounted on front fork stub)

-- Trail Tech Vapor dashboard (using only the turn indicator lights)

-- Highway Dirt Bike Vapor billet dashboard protector

-- Electrosport hydraulic front and rear brake switches (M10 x 1.25)

-- Electrosport Dakar handlebar switch perch

-- Electrosport CRF250/450 keyed ignition switch kit

wow that is groovy. i have to imagine your driver's license is now in extreme danger.

Simply amazing!

From a lifelong RED RIDER Honda guy.... Frickin Smokin Hot Yo !!!

Thats a dope ride indeed.

thats bad ass man.

THAT IS BADD ASS! those mufflers are huge! nice job on the conversion

Very Nice!!!

:banana: :banana: :D:banghead::smirk::eek:

:busted::thumbsup::banana: :banana: :banana:

That is one great looking DS bike. Nice work! What did all that cost? Looks very very very very very pricey

God damn money bags.. that bikes hot!


The cans are actually not that big as 4 stroke silencers go.

The biggest cost items were the cans, the triples and the wheels, though the wheels are just RAD Mfg wheels, which were $900. I wanted Marchesinis but couldn't justify another $2K since the cans already were that much. I paid $4400 for the bike, which had 15 hours on it.

is this what your ignition key kit came with from electrosport? it doesnt seem to have a mount or any screws?


Very nice job, bike looks sick! That dual exhaust setup is unusual... where did you find it?

You have this AND a number of KTM's???

I'm both jealous and in need of a better paying job!

Nice work!

Looks nice, good job.

i went and looked at my bike and it doesnt have the bolt it shows the switch mounted on. it only has the other two in the picture on electrosport. one of those bolts i think might work though.

I think the idea is that you mount the metal holder wherever you want. Many mount it on the upper triple clamp bolt. I mounted it on the handlebar clamp.

That dual exhaust setup is unusual... where did you find it?

Devil Exhaust. From France. Google them and you'll find them. Decent group, ya, know, considering they are French...

You have this AND a number of KTM's???

I'm both jealous and in need of a better paying job!

Nice work!

Thanks. I am fortunate but work like a dog to support it all. See my sig. I have a KTM 200 2T, a KTM sxf with HT Racing 312 big bore, and a KTM 690 Enduro (fabulous d/s bike). I am looking to get a street legal KTM 450 EXC.

Sweet SM!

Is it just me and my twisted mind or....... is it amusing that Lumpy bought some of his parts from Lumpy?

How much $$ for just the electrical stuff? To get it legal. I have a 07; 450f and just curious what it would cost to do it that way. Seemed cheaper than the wz strator and all.

Devil Exhaust. From France. Google them and you'll find them. Decent group, ya, know, considering they are French...

1800 USD....wow....but they look bad ass :banghead:

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