The infamous Gray wire..Need more info on location

Still not entirely sure on which wire to pull out???

Is there info on this in the service manual???

under tank towards front right side, 2 wires in connector,1 black and 1 grey

Thanx man..i found it (only freakin gray wire under there, can't believe it took me so long).

Next the heck do you get the wire out????

2 wires 1 black 1 grey? i thought it was in a 6 wire connector.

I know the 02 426's have a 2 pin connector. 1 wire black and one grey, which are in line with the CDI unit. The black is connected to ground with the ignition coil and the grey is a return to the CDI. The six pin connector on 02's have only five wires and no grey conductor.

I should have asked which year bike he had before responding. Hope I caused no trouble :)

Yeah I got confused on this last night. The WR450 has a 6 pin connector and the grey wire is in the middle on one side. has a WR450 site giving tips on the grey wire (WR450 project bike). The site has a great picture of the WR450 connector in question. Even the shop manual confuses it even more, it shows the grey wire going to ground all by itself - not the case.

No guys it was my fault for not saying which bike i have. It is a 02 WR426, and i did find the 2-wire connection. Thanks for the help on it, but i still can't get the wire out of the connector. I know you shoudn't cut it, but it's a task trying to get it out.

AHHHH Just cut it :)

Want to do grey wire mod on mine. Where and what to look for on my 99WR400F?

Do the 01 WR426's have the grey wire? If so where is it?

I cut the sob since I have no desire to have my bike run crappy.

I'm with you Waterski, Where is it on the 01 WR426?

I thought my bike ran great, am I missing out? :)

Removed the grey wire on my 03' wr450 yesterday. Only grey wire in connector of 6 under tank. Pulled the wire out of connector by lifting release tab with small screw driver. What a difference. Of course I rejetted and cut the throttle stop at the same time but the bike is much more powerful now. :)

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