Oil leaking out vent hose

I went riding today, and my buddy noticed that I had a massive amount of oil that was over the rear end of my bike. I noticed that the oil was coming out of the vent hose that comes out of the top of the valve cover. I noticed this a little last time I rode, and didnt think anything of it, but it really is worrying me now. The bike runs just fine, but am curious what it is.

By the way, this is my first 4 stroke machine I have ever owned. Could it be a bad oil ring or something?

any help and info would be appreciated. B.y the way, the bike is a 2007 YZ450F

Did you recently add or change the oil? I know this has been discussed before so also try the seach. Good luck.

I tried doing a search, but it was really vague. And the results I read were for a 2000 yz.

Yes, I changed the oil after 3 rides, and it has never done this before. I used the same oil brand, type and even the same filter. I checked the oil levels, and it was right where its supposed to be.

Sounds normal. Mine does that after a long ride. Its not like the whole side of my bike is covered in oil though, just mainly down by the shifter and stuff. Sometimes, it's a mily white color too just in case that happens in the future.:busted:

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