To buy or not to buy?

Got a line on an '06 WR450F for $1500 CAD. up here that's a steal. The bike itself looks alright, not showroom condition but not too abused either. I don't have any more details as of yet, I'm still waiting to hear back from her, but it "needs engine work." I don't know yet what that means, but Im very good at working on bikes, and would rather rebuild than replace an entire engine.

Generally speaking, i know it depends onwhat is buggered, I'll post an update as soon as I find out... But generally speaking, I should be able to get it back on the trails for about a grand, right? If it can be done for less than $1500 I'll jump on it.

I know the 5 valve isn't a cheap engine to fix, but I'm hoping it's not as bad as she thinks it is.

So she just wrote me back. Apparently it suffered oil starvation. To quote her, "I accidentally starved the top end of oil. My mechanic quoted me $2000 to fix, $700 of which was parts." When she says she starved the top end, I'm guessing she had some oil, but not enough in there, maybe the jug and rod/crank will be okay. I'll replace the piston.

I can fix it myself, and for say $1000 in parts, is it worth it? It'd end up being a $2500 '06 WR450, sounds like a good deal to me. Or is it more headache than it's worth?

There's no way to find out the extent of the damage unless you tear the engine down. If the engine was starved of oil, it will be the whole engine, not just the top end. The cams might have seized, but damage to the crank and rod could already have been started. I'd say stay clear of this one, it can get expensive to fix real quick.

I guess what I'm trying to find out is if I could basically rebuild the entire engine for about a grand? If so it might be worthwhile. Because she already had a mechanic look at it, I'm guessing he would have done a teardown and analysis. If I replaced everything from the jug upwards I wonder if I could do it cheap?

I very much doubt you could replace everything for one grand, specially in canadian dollars.

go to the oem parts section of the thumpertalk store and price out every part that is attached to the head, cams, valves, springs, tensioner, chain, gaskets, etc... then add a couple hundred more to have the head re-finished. I'd add a piston and rings too.

So I just got more details on it, basically he "thought it was a two stroke" and "didn't know you had to put oil in the reservoir on the frame." Do WR's even have a seperate reservoir on the frame? I already asked, he didn't run oil in the gas tank, don't worry.

What does this "frame tank" feed? The bottom end (case) had plenty of oil and he changed it often. I know my way around an engine but I'm new to the WR in peticular. Can someone shed some light on this please?

Running gas with premix on a 4-stroke is not something that will destroy the engine, so don't worry about that.

This is starting to sound really fishy....

The steel framed wr's did have a tank built into the frame, with the dipstick located right behind the steering head. Here's the part that makes no sense: he said he didn't know it needed oil, yet he says that he changed the oil often. You can drain some of the oil from the engine, but there's no oil fill hole on the steel framed wr's. So how did he add oil to the engine after he drained it? This seller either doesn't know what he's talking about or he's trying to pull a fast one on you. If he's located close to you and you don't mind driving there, you might want to swing by and check it out in person, but you might want to take someone with you that can give you a second opinion, preferably someone that knows his way around a bike/engine. $1000 is looking like a more realistic offer for a bike like that.

He's telling me that he filled the crank case, but not the reservoir. I researched it a bit and see how he could have done this. I'm speaking directly with his mechanic tomorrow to see what it needs, but I figure crank, jug, head, cams, valves, chain all that. Bout $1500 cad.

Probably needs a new oil pump too... He said he drove it for awhile and it got really hot, then wouldn't start. It turns over though, so it's not completely seized...

Something not right here at all......

You do not put oil in the CHECK the oil in the frame for the entire bike.....he never even checked the oil on the dipstick??

I think this would sum it up for me....this person thought a WR 450 was a 2 stroke, but never mixed the oil in the gas...that right there is enough to make me run away unless your ok with a full top and bottom rebuild......

Obviously I am okay with a rebuild, or I wouldn't be looking at the bike...

Thought I made that clear...

Sorry...I thought you were just talking about doing the top end

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