Jetting issues on Pilot Circuit

I'm getting a lot of low-end bog and stalling - especially after bike gets good and hot. Bike idles well, starts well but stalls a lot in slow, technical stuff. Seems to occur when I roll on the throttle as you might do when crossing a large rock or log. According to the manual, I should tune the pilot circuit so I plan on adjusting the fuel screw. Bike runs great from 1/4 throttle on up. Just need to get the low end dialed. Any ideas are much appreciated! BTW, I ride mostly between 1000 - 3000 ft elevation.


What are your jetting specs and how high is your idle set?

Right now jetting is stock. Need to check idle, but it should be at stock setting as well.

Idle is still at stock per WR450 manual. I'm going to remove the carb later today and clean and rejet. Anyone have any tips on carb maintenance outside of this wonderfull Japanese manual.

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