new chain hitting case

I got new sprokets and a new chain on and have been riding up and down the street for a week and today I go out and notice the chain has been grinding on the engine case and is wearing it down. Is there anyway to fix that? Maybe putting a washer between the sproket to push it out a little bit? Or should I just let it wear itself in seems like it already has :/


O ring?

If so, you need a fastway spacer.

or, i think you can flip the front sprocket over and it will space out 2mm or something like that.

yea i got the protaper x-ring chain and some tag sprokets. I knew I needed a spacer, it just didn't look right. I wish I noticed sooner, it wore pretty deep into the case hopefully nothing to bad will occur.

I got lucky on mine and someone else asked the spacer question for O-ring chains. Found this in the FAQ's which I should have read first. :busted:

" Q:

Can I install an O-ring or X-ring chain on my 450R? I have heard that the wider links will rub the cases.


A spacer is available from Fastway that goes between the countershaft sprocket and case that moves the sprocket outboard.On a 2002-2004 simply install the spacer behind the sprocket and torque the countershaft bolt. On the 2005-2007 the same retaining bolt was used but a drive collar and spring washer was used instead of the single washer on the previous years. When using the necessary Fastway spacer the spring washer can become over compressed and shatter. There are two solutions. The most simple is to order the OEM washer for the 2002-2004 years and use it in the place of the drive sprocket collar and spring washer. Part# 90501-KA3-741 for the 2002-2004 washer. The other solution is to place a washer on the front side of the sprocket the approximate thickness of the Fastway spacer positioned on the back of the sprocket to keep from over compressing the spring washer and torque the contershaft bolt. OR...

For spacing the countershaft sprocket when using O/X-Ring chains, instead of the Fastway spacer you can use a "Series 100" automotive valve spring shim, the inner diameter is a perfect fit, ask for 0.03 or 0.04 thickness (I think the Fastway is 0.04). Available at most any automotive machine shop for about 25 cents. I'm not sure who on here originally suggested this (ThrottleJockey maybe?) but it works perfectly and you don't have to wait for it to come in the mail.(Courtesey Matte)"

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