2006 Crf450 issues.

So i have a 06 450 and its been giving me some trouble. It was running perfectly like always and i was riding it on the road to the local AMPM which is about a quarter mile away. I was about 3/4 throttle in 5th and then out of no where it started popping and stuttering, when i slowed to a stop it wouldnt idle and eventually died. I had a buddy come get me and we brought it back to my house. It starts pretty easily, and the valve clearences are good. But when you rev it it pops and sputters all crazy like. So i was thinking maybe a carb problem but then i found that the timing was off. So i reset the timing and the problem seemed to disappear. The cam gear looks okay so i was wondering what parts you think i will need? The tensioner seems to be working just fine, so i was thinking maybe the chain stretched? so im going to be buying a chain, what other parts should i pick up just to be safe? I dont want any more issues and with desert season coming up i refuse to be missing out while this thing is giving me crap. Also what would you say is the best pipe for a 06 crf 450? And what do you think about the hot rodz stroker crank?

buy a new cam chain and 2008 tensioner. Inspect the guides and replace as needed.

pipe, look at the MRD reviews.

We had a FMF Mega bomb system on our's and it really woke it up !!!!!

Put a manual tensioner in it so the chain stays in adjustment.

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer.

sorry i didnt mean to add to this thread

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