Scott SS Oil Filter??

I was wonder who is using the Stainless steel Scotts racing

oil filters in there 650R?.

Im intrested in getting one just wondering if its worth the money. I can see how over time it will pay for its self!

I have one that has never seen dirt. I bought it and put it in my BRP last fall with new oil and put it to bed for the winter. I then bought a KTM in January. If your interested I'll give you good deal on it. E-mail me at if interested.

I have a K&P SS filter in my BRP, I believe K&P makes them for Scott. It is GREAT!!! I check mine every time I change oil, and after the second change when all of the "fuzz" wore off of the clutch I have only found a few little bits of stuff in the filter. I have a buddy that ran the same filter in his YZ426 for an ENTIRE SEASON (1000+ miles) without cleaning the filter. I was amazed at what was in it, and how much uncloged area was left.

Well worth the price, is my $.02 on the subject. :)

Here's something everybody should know...those K&P filters are assembled by hand in a garage by guess work....and have never been tested by any standard, not ISO, SAE, etc. All claims made by them are pure B.S. and anybody using the filters is putting their motors at risk. They have been known to collapse due to flow resistance which leads to the question: how much of the time are they in bypass? Cleaning issues and gasket failures have also come up in TT and can be searched in the archives. :)


I haven't put one in my BRP, but a few years ago I had one on my KLR650 and rode over 20,000 miles from San Francisco to the very tip of South America. There were three of us and they all held up fine. We never had any problems at all and I personally think that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why haven't I got one for my XR, good question, but I guess that I have just not gotten around to it. Now that I think about it, I will probably order one. I do not know if they have been professionally tested, but I can tell you that 60,000 cumulative miles through the most extreme conditions and they held up fine. Give it a shot, it will likely be the very last old filter you will ever have to buy.

If you have any other questions about them, let me know and I will try my best.


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