Is this thing Upsidedown?!?!

so, does this nub serve any function? i just noticed it today on my 03' yz250f.

it looks like the fluid catcher nub on the WR, but on top of the airbox tube thingy. my main concern is that this thing is situated AFTER the air filter. it doesnt have a thin wall or anything does it?


It's right side up and I think it may be a place for an engine breather tube in some other application? I know people do re-route the engine breather to this spot but, not sure if that was the original design for the boot. I'm sure one of the experts will clear that part up.

Same airboot is used on the WR. They have a breather line from the crankcase going there and on the newer ones, the AIS gets its' fresh air from there.

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