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09 RM-Z 450 shifter problems update

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Hi all

Suposed to be doing a uni assignment !! RM-Z 450's are heaps cooler.

Finany got around to change the origonal gear shifter to a Sunline (to suit a 05-06 PN: 25-01-019) for my 09, and raced two meetings with it, best mod I have done so far, heaps easier to change gears with, longer and no unwanted gear changes, the bend is heaps straiter in the shaft than origional.

Only mod I had to do is replace the bottom bolt on the electronic neutral sensor to a smaller head so it would not hit the lever shaft, easy.

Also came off and snapped my clutch lever and replaced it with a Sunline Vince V1 MDX (multi-directional Xystem PN: 20-01-043), a really nice leaver as well, laid it over twice hit it back up kept on racing.

Had the origional plastic radiator guard riped out by a dude using me as a berm, I ran over it twice through the moto, and never realised it was mine till I got home that night washing my bike.

Does any one know of a good replacement radiator guard either plastic or alloy, never had to replace one before. Noticed that the other one is cracked as well in two places and they just clip in really loosly and crap.

thanks guys

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